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The Art of Finding the Job You Love
Cara Heilmann



He wants to do something new, maybe a little bit righteous. She sees herself leading a nonprofit or creating a medical device that saves lives in the remotest parts of the world. However, the search process has changed radically from the last time they looked for a job.

Like many job seekers, they’ve done a lot and can do a lot. But recruiters can’t see past old job titles to recognize how a candidate can contribute to the work force in new ways. And worse, the candidate feels tongue-tied for the first time in their career. In The Art of Finding the Job You Love, Cara Heilmann, CEO of Ready Reset Go, offers a fresh, safe, and unconventional way to help job seekers speak their talents and passion to make a difference through their work. She connects the worlds of comedy and recruiting with a look behind the curtain to share what hiring managers are really looking for, and reveals why the more successful people are, the more they wing interview prep and how that can work against them. Listeners learn how to:

  • Get clear on the targeted job to make everything easier
  • Create (at least) five riveting career stories that must be in every job seeker’s toolbox
  • Understand how to connect with chemistry during the interview process even for the most introverted introvert
  • Make a lasting positive impression that sticks well after the interview

The Art of Finding the Job You Love helps job seekers craft compelling career stories and communicate them in a way that leaves hiring managers wanting more and job seekers with the opportunity to make a difference in the world through a career they love!

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3 hrs, 11 minutes

Narrated by

Nikki Zakocs


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