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Blood Ties

The King's Chosen Book One

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Adriel Brandt


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At the heart of an ancient prophecy is young Lucas, who has the sole power to save two medieval kingdoms from destruction…but will he discover this ultimate secret before it’s too late? Lucas has been raised as a blacksmith’s son—an outsider ostracized by the other village children. One night at a nearby monastery, a mysterious black stone whispers a haunting premonition to Lucas. When his father is murdered, the monks take Lucas in, convinced he is an extraordinary hero foretold by destiny. However, a restless Lucas runs off to join a circus where he draws the attention of the powerful King Itan, who believes Lucas is one of “the chosen”, a group of boys who are descendants of great warriors. The king will stop at nothing to compel Lucas to join his chosen army, all while the soldiers who killed Lucas’ father are closing in. Before long, Lucas becomes embroiled in a plot to defeat the king, while an unseen enemy begins planning to bring the young man down before he can learn of his remarkable power. This first novel of L. Waithman’s richly imagined fantasy series will leave you eagerly awaiting Lucas’ next adventure. An audiobook produced by e-Audio Productions.


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You're viewing: Blood Ties – The King’s Chosen Book I
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