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"Humorous and adventurous story full of fun characters in an afterlife journey"

The Denial Of Theodore

Afterlife Quest

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Scott Thomas


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Where do we end up after we pass on? Does grief follow us to the afterlife? Theodore is about to find out the hard way in a strange new land as death, denial, and danger push his mind and body to the limits. Join Theodore, his guide, and a bunch of animal friends on a journey of self-discovery…and regular, non-self discovery.


M. Declan Morris is the author of the Afterlife Quest novels. Fantasy books where your favorite characters are already dead! No need to lose sleep fretting about when the author will kill them off.

Declan has a passion for helping people and a heart for people who are struggling with mental wellness.

Before he started writing novels, he earned a Master’s degree in Management and Leadership which is where he picked up his love of psychological safety and wellness in the workplace. This naturally broadened into all facets of mental wellness outside of the office and sparked his passion.

Declan’s novels have an undercurrent of helping people process their trauma and know that they are not alone. As an example, the Theodore Saga in the Afterlife Quest series of novels will each cover one of the stages of grief.

His best advice, besides have fun reading his books, is to always know that there is help available and you don’t have to go it alone.

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You're viewing: The Denial Of Theodore: Afterlife Quest $2.00
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