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Is He Mr Right.. Or Mr Right Now?



Give yourself the freedom to re-imagine love and relationships. Come with me as I take you on a journey of self-discovery and self-development from unconsciously creating my love story to more consciously creating the love and partnership perfect for me. My journey involves 9 marriage proposals and my soul’s continued evolution catalyzed by being in relationship with each of these men including Mr. Office Romance, Mr. Mom, Mr. Iron Man, Mr. False Witness, Mr. Knight in Shining Armor, Mr. Drama King, Mr. Childlike, and Mr. Rebound. The introspection questions at the end of each chapter may open new thinking and love pathways for you too.

With almost 4 billion men in the world, who said there could only be 1 prince charming your whole life? There are many religious, cultural, and family belief systems about the way that we, as women, should or should not be, in our relationships with men. Like other women, I was influenced by various family members and outdated religious beliefs. I did not grow up in a fairytale family with a mom and dad that knew exactly how to co-create a strong collaborative mutually supportive partnership. With no real examples to learn from or any idea how to go about creating what I was looking for, I set out on my own journey.

Whether you are single and searching, dating and deciding, married and mismatched, or divorced and doubtful about getting back into the game of love, this book has real life stories that will assist you in:

· Identifying key family dynamics and religious beliefs that have influenced your choices.

· Recognizing when you are repeating the same relationship, but with a different man.

· Distinguishing between a real or fantasy relationship

· Exploring your preferences by appreciating Mr. Right Now

· Clarifying what you want so that you can consciously create your Mr. Right

This book is about going for the Olympic Gold Medal in Love. It is about never giving up on having what you believe is right for you and your love relationships, regardless of what any external influence believes you should think, say, or do. In my book you will gain insight into where you may have created your love relationships unconsciously, obtain greater clarity surrounding your preferences in men, and learn how to consciously create the love partnership that is right for you.

Over the last two decades, Heather has had the opportunity to date some wonderful men who helped her determine if they were Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now. Nine (9) men offered her a marriage proposal and she has been with her divine partner for over 16 years. Heather is on a mission to shine a light on outdated relationship thinking and limiting beliefs with the goal of co-creating a world where every woman has a choice and a voice. Keep this in mind: There is nothing more attractive than a woman in love with her own life!

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6 hrs and 36 mins

Narrated by

Heather Leah, Michael Mcdonald


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