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And God Whispered… a Message for Our Time
Ernie Pappa



God speaks directly to the listener in And God Whispered…A Message for Our Time.

And God Whispered… is destined to become a spiritual refuge for those sincerely interested in deepening their spiritual awareness. In this audiobook, God opens the heart of the listener to the reality of “oneness” that is available to anyone who seeks it within themselves.

The listener is empowered by the truths presented that enable any sincere aspirant to enter the holy of holies where God invites each of us to become one with the eternal oneness consciousness that provides life to the vast universe.

“Whispers” is about coming home to our true self. In “Whispers”, God answers questions such as:

  • What is the purpose of life?
  • Where do we go when we die?
  • What is the primary truth that illuminates all other truths?
  • What is separating me from God?
  • What triggers has God placed within us that will lead us to awakening?
  • What is the significance of Soul Expression?

And God Whispered… came from within: received from the universal source of all truth and wisdom, it is intended to gently flow into the consciousness of the listener to assist in their awakening to oneness.

The “Whispers” help bring about peace and calmness that leads to the experiencing of deep inner “soul bliss”.

The audiobook concludes with “A Seven-Week Process for Spiritual Awakening”, for those who would like to take additional steps to achieve oneness. Guidance on how to apply the “Whispers”, as well as powerful spiritual practices, are provided that will bring about positive life changes and set patterns of spirituality that aspirants can use throughout their lives in order to reach a permanent connection with the divine in oneness.

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5 hrs,21 min

Narrated by

Andrew Randall


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