Don Cronk

Don Cronk

Don Cronk is an Australian author with 14 books (both children’s and adult) published and distributed in America, (Teen Age Space Station Jeremy) Thailand (The Safe Place) and Australia (children’s books).

He created Billabong Valley Publications over 30 years ago with the express purpose of giving budding writers an avenue for publishing their manuscripts independently without waiting for traditional publishers to look in their direction only to reject them with no further correspondence.

Don has held workshops and given lectures on how to become a writer. His technique of getting your dream out of your head and placing it into written form is unique in its nature and is easy to develop through practice.

Teaching writers how to identify and use their inner eye is Don’s speciality.
Don’s latest book “I Bought a Female Robot Companion” is in development and will be released soon. Keep an eye out for the release date.

Don lives in Perth Western Australia with his wife, his dust mop for a dog and of course, his new companion… his Robot Emma.

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